Welcome to Lowering Your BMI!

If you are like me and need to lose a few pounds or rid that fat around the tummy, you have come to right place. Join me in my journey to lose 2 Body Mass Index (BMI) points over the next few months.

Every year my company requires you to perform an activity to qualify for lower insurance premiums for the following year. One year we had to take a 6 week course on nutrition. One year it was a course on dieting. The courses were very informative, but required no physical activity at all.

Imagine my surprise when I was told that I had to lose 2 BMI (body mass index) points in order to qualify for my 2017 insurance. I really could not be upset because my tummy had gotten out of control lately.

So I started this website as a research project and diary. There will be articles, product reviews and goal setting techniques to help you reach your desired outcome. My challenge is that I only have to August in order to achieve my goal.

It seems as though I have tried every weight loss program known to man. Some worked and some have not. But I never concentrated on lowering my BMI specifically. How much weight loss does it take? What are the best diets? What are the best exercises? These are some of the questions that I will be answering on this site.

My friend and I took before pictures in workout attire. They are not flattering at all and definitely show we need to take action. The pictures will be revealed after we see significant results.

So I invite you to follow along with me and take action as we begin our journey to rid our body fat once and for all!

Dee 🙂