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Hello Everyone! One of my favorite expressions is “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This just means that things happen when they are supposed to happen.

In my case, I started this blog for lowering my BMI.   Several weeks later, my friend introduces me to a product line that fits in with my goal – IDLife for customized health and wellness.



There are a lot of people who are becoming more and more frustrated with online health/nutritional programs that promise you fantastic results but fail to deliver. People spend thousands of dollars daily on products that are supposed to make you healthier, wealthier, and wise.

It is unfortunate to see so many fraudulent products and nefarious companies basically stealing money from a population that is desperate for a nutritionally designed program that delivers what it promises. Fortunately, IDLife is a company that in fact does deliver what it promises.

Customized Nutritional Supplements

IDLife has developed an individually designed nutritional program that is based on nutritional science that is verifiable.

Their products are:

  • clinically researched
  • contain only the highest quality ingredients
  • all natural, non GMO, soy and gluten free
  • scientifically formulated

Their program is designed especially for you and is based on your requirements, your goals, and your current personal nutritional profile.

Take Your Free Assessment

This company begins your nutritional journey by providing you with a free online assessment that is simple to do and 100% confidential. In only a few moments their patented assessment software will provide you with a set of recommendations.


These recommendations will be based on proven and on-ongoing scientific studies that have been developed and targeted for your specific needs. This makes this company the world’s first nutritional program that is totally customized to your needs.

When you begin your personal assessment you will start by answering a few basic questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, current medical prescriptions, and medical conditions. To complete this assessment you simply check the appropriate boxes and then click the “submit” tab.

You are Unique.  Your Nutrition Should Be Too!

Behind the scenes, a software program that has integrated thousands of scientific and medical studies and provides more than 7000 algorithms that will process your personal data.

This accumulation of information will provide you with a recommendation of what you do not need, what you do need, and a complete list of the reasons why.

At this point of the assessment you will be able to choose various recommended supplements. These pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements will then be shipped directly to your home. This company has in effect taking the guesswork out of nutritional supplementation.

 Other Productsidlife5


Other products include protein shakes, snack bars, anti-aging skin care, sleep strips as well products to enhance your workout. ealth while at the same time extending energy necessities to meet individual needs.

My Review

When I took the assessment, I was impressed with the information that was presented that backed up the recommendations.  Whether I ordered products or not, the information was valuable.

I have been using the supplements for over 2 weeks now and I highly recommend them! When I wake up in the morning and first get up out of bed, I am able to walk like a normal person instead of the walking wounded!

My energy level in general has improved in general.  I add an “Engery” pack to my water in the morning at work and I make it to lunch without even thinking snack.  I am more focused on my work and get more done.

I started playing tennis again as part of my exercise program at the start of my BMI quest before IDLIfe.  My body literally ached for 2 days afterward.  I now drink a “PRE” before I play and a “POST” afterward.  The aches have subsided by at least 75%.  I know some of this is just because I am getting back in shape.  But I feel really good afterwards.

I have lost weight replacing meals with their protein shake.  It is tasty mixed with frozen fruit or just plain mixed with an “Energy” pack.  I also often replace breakfast with a “Her” snack bar.

All in all, I feel great, am losing weight and obtaining the vitamins and supplements that I need!

Next Steps – Take The Free Assessment

Try these products for yourself and you will see that this company truly does deliver what it promises.  At least take the assessment.  If is free and provides great information. Just click on the link above or on the side of the website!

Dianna 🙂

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