Does Chocolate Lower BMI? The Chocolate BMI Study!

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If you have been following this site, then you know currently I am considered obese and am on a quest to lower my BMI by 2 points.  My sister is a chocoholic so when I found this study, I had to learn more.

I found that the question which keeps popping up among intellectuals is whether or not chocolate truly does lower BMI. Is this a myth or is it a reality which should be heeded to?

Chocolate BMI Study

chocolateA study was completed in recent times to dissect this question and quantify it using numbers and examples. A truly scientific approach of understanding chocolate and what it does to the body.

The chocolate BMI study was to look at the amount of weekly consumption (among 1000+ participants) and then update the impact this had on their week-to-week BMI. This was then cross-referenced with their mood during this period and how often they exercised.

The goal was to find a correlation between chocolate consumption and the BMI reading being taken for each participant.

Was it being a positive influence on the body?

Increased Intake Of Chocolate Decreases BMI

What were the findings of this study? The findings stated how an increased intake of chocolate did, in fact, reduce BMI in almost all of the participants.

This was even after adjustments were made based on underlying factors and/or variables such as how hard they were exercising and their emotional wellbeing. Each time the research was conducted, the frequency of chocolate consumption matched up with the lowered BMI.

This shows chocolate does have a great impact on a reduced body mass index and it is a viable claim to make.

Caloric Intake Had Opposite Effect

The only time chocolate didn’t do much for the BMI was based on the caloric intake. Just as seen with any other food item, if too much chocolate was being consumed (in relation to a person’s daily maintenance calorie level) they were adding weight and increasing their BMI.

As long as the consumption was frequent but remained within the established boundaries of how many calories that participant should eat in a day, they were getting positive results.

This chocolate BMI study has caused intrigue and gives a new look to what people assume about BMI.

Next Steps

Do not go out and binge on chocolate.  But a piece here and there will have the opposite effect and help your overall quest to lose weight.

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