10 Best BMI Diets – Choose What Is Right For You!

Hi Everyone!  Is D.I.E.T, a dirty word?  No one likes to think about losing weight, but as you know from the BMI calculation, weight is one of the key component.

So what is the best way to lose weight? I decided to review 10 of the most popular diets to decide which diet I was going to follow on my quest to lose 2 BMI points by August. Continue reading

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Am I Really Obese? Does BMI Really Tell The Whole Story?

Hello everyone!  Welcome to LoweringYourBMI.com.  When I was told that I had to lower my Body Mass Index (BMI) by 2 points (or lower it under 27) in order to qualify for a lower 2017 insurance premium, I immediately thought, okay let’s start my diet.

But what really is BMI?  According the index chart, not only am I overweight, I am obese! For my 5 foot 4 inch frame, I am too fat.  Maybe, that is why my knees hurt! Continue reading

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